Bébé Belle featured in Vogue Magazine!

August 2017 has been momentus for us here at Bébé Belle. Why I hear you cry? Well, we were only contacted by the one and only Vogue magazine and asked if we could appear in an exclusive childrens feature for their September issue!

At first I thought ''this can't be real, you go to Vogue, they don't come to you''... but alas it was true and they wanted us!

Panic struck and I had 24 hours before deadline to assemble a photographer and model!

Of course I had to think about which outfit would be suitable for their first Autumn edition and one that would of course stand out. After much consideration, I opted for our gorgeous linen Ruffle Blouse and Pants set as featured below.

The braced trousers are so on-trend this season with dungarees making a huge come back, and the ruffle blouse emcompaces all that is beautiful about Autumn and fall fashion.

Made from soft linen, the material is perfect for the transition between Summer and and Autumn when the temperature can't quite decide what to do with itself, keeping your little ones cool or warm as required.

I'm very lucky to have an ensemble of adorable little girls at my disposal as part of our Bébé Belle modelling team, and the perfect one just so happened to be available for the job!

The next morning Lottie came along and my extemely talented friend and photographer Leyla joined us.

Living in the Yorkshire countryside, we are so lucky to be surrounded by beautiful wheat and barley fields which we felt would be perfect for an autumnal themed shoot.

We travelled to various locations, but the winner and photograph to be chosen was one taken down the side of my house! There is an entrance to a barley field with an old, weathered crate stood leaning against the wall. The tall grass and the weathered crate in the background provided the perfect backdrop.

So if you happen to have a copy of Septembers Vogue magazine lying around, or happen to pass one, why not check us out on page 383 within the 'Kids in Vogue' feature!

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