Knee High Socks: A Fabulous Fashion Trend For Your Little Ones

Celebrities and models on the runway have made over-the-knee socks very fashionable, and stylish parents are set to jump aboard this trend. I am head-over-heels for them! It is easy to go wrong with this look, though. The key to making these socks look good is to build the whole outfit around them. They are the statement piece and the rest of the outfit should not compete for attention. Before trying out this fashion, parents should learn how incorporate over-the-knee socks into a stylish, classy outfit for their little ones.

Knee socks have become very popular in past two years and till now they have their own place in newest trends. Socks are bold, funky and fun and that’s why they are so popular among mini fashionistas.

As we are such fans, Bébé Belle have a fantastic selection of knee high socks available in our store! If you see something you like in this blog, simply click on the image to be directed to the appropriate product.

If you are going to wear over-the-knee socks, you want a high-quality pair. You want to put them on and then forget about them, rather than constantly pulling them up and adjusting them.

Our socks are of an extremely high quality and start at only £5.00, ranging in size from 0-6 months to 4 years.

Here's my guide on how your little ones can wear knee high socks and how to pull a show stopping outfit together;

How to wear with a dress

A simple A-line dress works well with over-the-knee socks. Either a solid colored dress or a patterned dress can work, but with a patterned dress, you should lean towards wearing neutral socks.


Boots work best with an A-line dress and high socks. If the socks and boots are the same color, it creates a seamless look. In colder weather, tall boots work well also. You can even layer tights under the socks to get some coverage on the skin showing between the socks and dress. This is a great way to play with contrasting colours and textures also.

You may also want to pair pumps with over-the-knee socks and an A-line dress, especially if they are wearing this outfit somewhere they might be quite active.

How to wear with a skirt

Over-the-knee socks can go with a pleated, full skirt. For an even more adorable look why not go for a plaid skirt? To complete the outfit, your little one can wear a tucked-in T-shirt, cardigan, and flats. A peasant blouse can give a bohemian twist to this outfit.

How to wear with shorts

In the warmer months, pair our knee socks with shorts and boots or even little sneakers. This look is perfect for those days when it’s not quite warm enough out for shorts yet, but you’ve been waiting all winter and just can’t help yourself.

A pair of belted, denim shorts with cuffs would work well with gray over-the-knee socks. A dressy T-shirt, and ankle boots complete this look also.

You could also opt for darker, high-waisted shorts. Add a printed blouse and black over-the-knee-socks and ankle boots or black flats to complete the outfit. While still looking dressy, the complete outfit is a little more edgy than a skirt and blouse combination.

Boys and knee high socks

The thing I love about this gorgeous, cute trend is that it's not just for the girls! Boys, young and old can look super fashionable by bringing back this very vintage style!

Little Prince George is often photographed wearing some adorable knee high sock and shorts combo.

It's a great way to match up siblings of different sexes as this can prove to be a difficult task. I love it when you can show off your babies adorbale chunky thighs when paired with shorts or a cute romper!

Street style inspiration;

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