Bébé Belle - Our crazy journey begins!

Hello, and welcome to Bébé Belle's first ever blog post!

I'm pleased to confirm that after a long wait, the Bébé Belle website will be officially launching on Sunday 25th June 2017!

I felt this might be the perfect opportunity to tell you a little about Bébé Belle, along with how and why we set up our UK based online baby & toddler boutique.

The Bébé Belle clothing range was created after the birth of our now10 month old daughter, Riley.

Having been told at18 that I would struggle to conceive children naturally, my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I had our lives turned upside down in the very best possible way when we were blessed 7 years later with our beautiful son, Lucas!

We were over the moon to have beat the odds, we had a beautiful baby boy all on our own.

Being the young, on-trend parents we thought we were, we were completely dismayed by the lack of boys clothing available on the high street!

We would find aisles and aisles of beautiful, unique girls' clothing, and then maybe one aisle of drab, boys clothing that all seemed to look the same everywhere we went, typically with a picture of a tractor or a digger on it.

We managed in this time to maybe find two or three stores that sold boys clothing to our taste, but still the selection available was lacking.

We did still develop a keen sense of style for our little boy, I prided myself on dressing up my little miracle monkey. Continuously snapping away on my camera each time he adorned an adorable new outfit and posting pics to my Facebook page, I became a complete pain in the life of my family and friends (even though they agreed he looked amazing)!

Any first-time parent will know exactly where I was coming from!

Years passed, and we had given up hope of having another child. Surrounded by beautiful nieces, I would find great enjoyment in shopping for beautiful girls clothing and hair accessories.

Every single Birthday and Christmas, my main endeavour was to source and find the most beautiful items for the gorgeous little girls in my life.

8 years passed by, and to our great amazement and surprise I discovered that we were expecting once again!

Having found out the sex of our baby the first time around, we decided to make our second a surprise. Secretly longing for a little girl to play dress up with, we never expected that our dreams would actually come true.

On the morning of 2nd August 2016, our beautiful baby girl Riley was born. Our dreams had really come true and our family was finally complete.

Having only bought grey and white for her (not knowing the sex), I made it my first task to hit the shops. There I was, three days after leaving the hospital with a C-section, wobbling around Monsoon with arms full of beautiful dresses, hair accessories and anything else my heart desired! I love my husband so much for this as he never complained once. Whatever I wanted I could have for her. He knew how much I had yearned for this day and although his very worst hate is shopping, he indulged us completely.

I would drag him afar after researching couture baby boutiques online and visit some amazing and beautiful independent stores.

It was like being a little girl again, playing dress up with my own little doll! Her wardrobe bulged, great thought would be put into finding the perfect, matching hair accessory and what's more important is she loves it!

I find it highly amusing that my little tinker refuses to wear a hat (they immediately get ripped off), however, never once has she removed a hair band or hair slide!

Every day, people would gather around Riley at the school gates and comment on her latest hair accessory (she never goes without one) and her outfit.

When Riley was six months old, I started to think about returning to work. My heart started to break, having had to return to work full time when Lucas was only 5 months old, the thought started to destroy me. My previous job involved a lot of travelling, including abroad and I would be away for most of the week, even for much longer periods should it be required.

My career was very important to me, and I had worked extremely hard to get to where I was. Giving that up after everything was not a decision to be taken lightly.

Being that little bit older, wiser and more confident, I started to explore the idea of setting up my own online baby & toddler boutique!

I had developed my own style for both boys and girls, I knew people liked how I dressed my children. I would go to great lengths to find their little outfits and I found so much enjoyment in doing so. It was time to be brave and go for it!

The Bébé Belle clothing range was then sourced from all over the world. France, Korea, Spain, China, UK, Italy, and India. A huge amount of time has been spent putting together the perfect range of couture baby and toddler clothing, and I am so pleased to now be able to share this with you!

All suppliers have been heavily researched to ensure that the goods are sourced from ethical suppliers, and that the quality of the clothing is of an extremely high standard.

I love what we have been able to achieve. So much hard work has been put into this range and I am so pleased with the outcome. I truly hope you do to!

Bring on the 25th June!

Please don't forget to tell your friends about Bébé Belle, we can also be found on Facebook and Instagram @bebebelle.co.uk

Thank you so much for staying with me this far!

Until next time xxxxx

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